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Vargottama mercury in pisces

Jul 27, 2017 · The first navamsha (1) begins in Aries with Aries Navamsha, it is vargottama and the last navamsha (108) ends with Pisces in the Sign of Pisces – also Vargottama. Mercury in Pisces Pisces is a dual water sign having Jupiter as its lord. Likewise, if Mercury is in last nakshatra Revati, then it is best for Mercury as it is in its own nakshatra. Venus in Pisces people are free-minded and want to roam and explore the world if the Lord of Pisces, Jupiter, is placed in Aries sign as Aries is a sign of physical activity. Rahu, Mercury and Saturn feel comfortable in this pada. Vargottama means that the planet has become very powerful in the chart of the native. Dear Vishalji, What be the generic prediciton if vargottama planet mercury is debilitated in pisces for a capricorn ascendant. For example the Moon in the sign Gemini with Gemini Navamsa or the meridian in the sign Pisces with Pisces Navamsa. Although Pisces is a debilitation sign for Mercury, it is getting a neechabhanga rajayoga by multiple means. Mercury is also sign Vargottama in D-9 and D-7 charts and in its sign of exaltation. planet which is in If the lord of the house occupied by a debilitated planet is in vargottama and aspects the debilitated planet. The person who has such A-1 type planets can attain certainly A-1 position in politics. These men love to be around Piscean women, because the unspoken communication allows more openness, in relationships. Venus in the 8th house penetrates into a deeper level of relating than most people, Aug 01, 2015 · Mercury is neutral to the Sun but it going to help Sun. There is a possibility for conception : 40. If the ascendant is a chara rasi movable sign, the theft is committed by a stranger. Debilitation can be a problem and Mercury in Pisces generally means  Taurus, Pisces, Aries and Aquarius are signs of short ascension. These people tend to be ‘right-brain’ types whose thinking is governed more by their instincts and gut feelings than by purely logical reasoning processes. Physically they are lazy people. They start a new enterprise and fail to complete them or have to run here and there to Natal Mercury in the 4th House With your natal Mercury in the 4th house, you can have a hard time being open to new ideas, thoughts, projects, or ways of doing things. The period of  In the context of Vargottama last four yogas are most significant and are given in order of Revati and also devided in 12 equal parts known as signs (Rashis) from Aries to Pisces. This concept can only be applied and adopted if method of judgment of the nativity is based on divisional charts. Mercury even in 8th house of D-4 charts gives good results. Thanks a lot Sirji, for your truly guidance, Here, I can sure give you 100% credit and positive feedback. 05-05-2016 Page : 1 / 1 Marriage is the most important and complicated event in life as through this process two human beings male-female are engaged in a sacred wedlock. Mercury in Saturn’s navamsha makes the native involved in wrong deeds, evil minded, adulterous, unfortunate, poor and free from diseases. They are very intelligent and sharp intellect, capacity to convince others, desire to learn astrology. Not given to bother too much with details, these individuals tend to sponge up the feelings and moods of their environment. "Vargottama" is the division where the planet is in the same sign in Rasi and Navamsa. Nov 13, 2014 · As Venus is placed in the house of the personal battlefield this often means that relationships need balancing. As far as the mind goes, the opposite effect of laziness can occur. They will appear to be having that conversation with you (compare to Mercury in Scorpio ) but really they are just feeding you whatever psychic stream they are tuned to at the moment. Pisces is spiritual energy and it is the energy of Adi Shakti, the creator of this Universe, and Adi Shakti is female and so this energy is of a female and in science, it is the potential energy. The Sun, or course, can be in a sign other than Leo. Nov 26, 2006 · Mercury could not have been exalted along with Sun – it cannot be more than one house away. There will be the birth of a child : if the Atmakaraka or the Moon is in Scorpionis or Cancer in the Navamsha chart of Adhana. If Mars is Vargottama then person would become good soldier and Commander, fearless , administrative abilities. 4. Apr 23, 2014 · Rahu, exalted and vargottama in Gemini, brought him material wealth and hyperfame during its mahadasha, which began in 1995. Uttarashada Nakshatra people are constantly active In the Mind. The term Vargottama means that the Planet is in the Same sign in the Navamsa in which it was in the D-1 chart. It was chara dasha of Pisces-Scorpio. Aug 12, 2016 · If in the Leo Ascendant, Mercury is placed in 10 th house in Taurus sign at 7º Degree that means Mercury is in Pushkara Navamsha, but as Pisces sign is placed in 8 th house, Mercury can give result of Pushkara Navamsha but also give weak health. Neechabhanga Raja yoga improves the significance of the neecha graha i. Natal Mercury in Pisces. Aug 22, 2014 · Matinee idol of South and chief minister of Andhra Pradesh had his moon and jupiter in libra lagna in Pisces pushkar navamsa. It stands for strength and beneficence. Jupiter in 10th house in any rasi, or Sagittarius or Pisces sign, one leads kingly life. This yoga is possible for Gemini lagna and Libra lagna. D9 chart; Taurus Asc, 7th (scorpio) lord Mars exalted in 9th capricorn, DK Saturn is conjunct with Moon and Ketu in 11th Pisces. Native under this nakshatra has the urge to start up their own venture. ♦ If Sun aspects Saturn in the 2nd house, then the native’s speech will land into many troubles, no respect in the family, etc. Mercury, like Venus, rarely strays far from the Sun, so Mercury in Pisces is only found in people who have the Sun in Aquarius, Pisces or Aries. Thus, planet will give good and bad both result simultaneously. Pisces is 7th house of his natal chart while from scorpio Venus and darakaraka Jupiter is placed in 7th house. (Mercury which is exalted in Virgo is in kendra from the Moon). You have a long memory, especially if Mercury is in an earth or water sign and in the 4th house. , (i) Venus (ii) Mars (iii) Sun and (iv) being in a Kendra from both the Ascendant and the Moon. If you have Mercury in Aries, you are outspoken and direct in speech and actions. Saturn gives the strongest results. You love a good argument or debate and like to compete and strategize with your mind. Such a planet is extremely powerful to give results; its Dasa will most definitely be eventful. When they get overwhelmed, it is important that they have a safe place to retreat to so they can regroup and calm down. Kennedy was born with Virgo Lagna and Leo Moon. This month family life will be comfortable and you will try to enjoy the company of your spouse. 16. 2. so married life must been a issue. Rahu is governed by Mercury in the 11th, which picks up a Dhana Yoga of Venus and Sun. The planetary combination of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Moon in the 11th House of a person bestows Raja Yoga (be wealthy, honored and famous). The Nakshatra lord Jupiter would also have an impact on such Vargottama Rahu. If your Mercury is well placed, then you will display a sharp intellect. Signs, 3. A Full Moon will occur on 30 Nov. They need to feel fully engaged in a project or apathy can result. Johnny was famed as a charming maverick and cult favourite, who for years could not cross over into the mainstream. Whatever may be the qualities of Venus one factor runs common to all horoscopes having Venus in Pisces and that is their conjugal life is not normal and they do not enjoy conjugal relation in the mundane way . **Saturn is my Darakaraka, Mercury Atmakaraka, Venus Amatyakaraka. . Mercury is in aspect to Jupiter-54, Moon-35, shastyamsha. For example, debilitated Mercury placed in 4 th pada of Revati nakshatra will make Mercury Vargottama in the horoscope as it is placed in Pisces in the birth chart as well as in navamsha chart. saturn in aquarius in 7th house with 12th lord moon . The fourth pada falls on the Cancer Navamsa which is ruled by the Moon. 25 Apr 2018 People having Mercury vargottama will have very convincing skills. Feb 19, 2011 · though your married life must be a bit --not good for your own reasons and likings for other women. Feb 10, 2015 · - If a planet is in Pushkara Navamsa which, however, falls in a sign equal to the 6th, 8th or 12th house ofthe Rasi chart, then the good affects become nil. You say what you mean and don't pull any punches. They can also be lazy, oversensitive and impractical. vargottama * vargamza * vargantya * vargota-amsha Sun Chandra Moon Mangala Mars Budha Mercury Guru Jupiter Zukra Venus Shani Saturn Rahu Ketu  Rashiphal. T Ramarao the famous actor and politician had Ascendant, Moon, Jupiter and Ketu in Pushkar Navamsha. Adding to this, the Ascendant is also Vargottama. This is an auspicious placement, particularly when Mercury is aspected and associated with other planets This helps the native to improve his skills with the assistance of his own inherent creativity. Dec 12, 2017 · Mercury in Pisces is a switch board. Feb 19, 2011 · VENUS is your 12th lord in star of mercury --a badhak for mesh lagna as it is lord of 3rd and 6th but itself is debilitated with exalted venus so debilitation is cancelled. Mercury in Aries will be too emotionally taxing for you, Capricorn. They are receivers. Group and team work are essential for the proper functioning of this pada. In the case of film actor Amitabha Bachchan, film actor Jupiter in Cancer sign and Navamsha is Uchcha Vargottama. Mercury in Libra and Mercury in your Sign are not compatible. Aug 30, 2010 · Vargottama means “the best place in the set” – where “the set” is talking about the amsha divisions, specifically in this case about the most important amsha, the navamsha. For example, if Mercury were in Leo, Mercury disposits its energetic to the Sun because the Sun rules Leo. If two debilitated planets are placed in 7 th house with respect to each other and they are aspecting each other, As an example, injured planet Mercury located in the fourth pada of the Revati Nakshatra which will lead the planet Mercury Vargottoma in the rashi as it is located in the Pisces in the natal’s birth chart along with the Navamsaha chart. Some effects, if in friends house and if in Mercury or Venus Navamsa, strained relations with superiors, officers etc. Important If Mercury is exalted, vargottama or in a friendly house in the navamsha, the native is pious, truthful, forgiving, grateful, intellectual, and prosperous. Mercury is lord of Wednesday, direction South West, rules Virgo and Gemini (own houses) exalted in Virgo 15°, mool trikona in Virgo 16° to 20°, debilitated in Pisces 15 degrees, friend of Sun and Venus, neutral to Moon, and enemies to Mars, Saturn and Jupiter. Jan 10, 2013 · If a debilitated planet becomes Vargottama in a horoscope which means it occupies the same sign in birth horoscope as well as navamasha chart, Neechbhang Rajyog is said to be formed in the horoscope. Atmosphere at workplace will be cordial but after 14th April you may face problems read more. The debilitated When Albert Einstein was born Mercury was in Pisces sign in which sign it becomes debilitated. Now let us look at how individual planet influence the life of an Individual when they become Vargottama Sun :- When Sun is Vargottama then the native has a spark about his personality. venus in 8th house damaged married life . Mercury moves to Scorpio on 29 Nov. this means that i can be married with a foreigner . Mercury in the Sun’s navamsha makes the native sinful, agitated, melancholic, immoral, gambler, kleptomaniac and devoid of happy family life. He was also interested in sports. He or she can be fond of literature, writing etc. Being a Vargottama pada, planets produce strong results, especially in the intellectual and mental realm. This planetary position explains his spectacular name, fame and wealth. Every rasi (sign) has a 3 degree 20 minutes portion in which grahas will be vargottama. Transiting Rahu is in the 9th house of luck and fortune conjunct natal Sun, Mercury and Ketu. Ketu, sun and mercury were also in pushkar navamsa. As a second example, if the Moon is in Cancer in your natal chart, this it is favourable for you, because the Moon is in her own sign. Mercury is an earthy planet and is neutral towards Jupiter, which on the other hand is inimical towards it. 5. He also has 9th House Lord Mercury Vargottama. If the Sun be in Leo, or Leo Navamsha, the native will acquire lordship over some territory. He has Vargottama Jupiter placed in the Ascendant. They are smart and can hold their own in a conversation. degree for the Sun, 3rd for the Moon, 5th for Jupiter, 27th for Venus 15th for Mercury, 28th for  1 and 108 Navamsha – Aries and Pisces Vargottama. 34. Mercury in Pisces produces an unusually vivid imagination and a highly intuitive mindset. if the lord of the sign occupied by the Atmakaraka and Mars are in Pisces in the Navamsha chart. Jul 09, 2013 · He got married on 12 September 1953, in major and sub period of Rahu-Mercury. Jul 13, 2006 · This yoga happens to fall in the 10th house elevating her career, status and bringing fame. Of course in an attack a lot of energy is being used, but in this case it only led to loss. There is a lot of physical ability, philanthropy, courage and brief travels here. But the Mars in Scorpio means you should finish what is meaningful to you, and Virgo rising is a hard worker. Mega Star Amitabh Bachchan have Jupiter and Venus in Pushkar Navamsha. Ustad Amjad Ali Khan's Venus, the planet of music and arts placed with Mercury the planet of skill and versatility, the Moon the planet of determination and attainment and Mars the planets of energy and power in the Jupiter's sign of expansion Pisces. Mercury in Pisces are gentle communicators with a soft touch that is pleasing and warm. In Navamsa chart (Chart of marriage) Rahu is in Ascendant while mercury lords ascendant. Aug 18, 2014 · Varga-uttama = vargottama. venus in pisces in 8th house with jupiter and mercury. You will have loss of money, wealth, career issues, matrimonial problem, skin problem, speech problem and you will not be able to display your linguistic gear. There are, on the other hand, soft facts pertaining to the realms of instinct and intuition which are no less significant realities in the scheme of existence. Mars and Sun are in “Shuba-Kartari Yoga” in the 9th House of fortune. Navamsa Predicting Marital Disharmony. Planets, 2. 7th house is MKS for Mercury and Mars both. Libra will bore you to death with details. If Mars and Mercury are conjunct in the 7th, one will wander from country to contry (aimlessly), will serve base people, be skillful in arguments and will lose his first wife. That is the reason it is said a woman or girl is like the potential energy and a man or boy represents the kinetic energy. N. Mercury in 7th house Navamsa: When Navamsa Mercury is in 7th house, the spouse can be Jovial and friendly. The shift has happened. Profile is BIG with them. an astrologer should be very careful while analyzing things… Nov 23, 2016 · Now examples with planets in Pushkar Navamsha. He became chief minister if Andhra Pradesh in where Ketu is in PUSHKAR NAVAMSHA and Mercury is vargottama. Apr 15, 2019 · Sun in Aries at 2 degrees, is exalted and vargottama, but in bala avasta. Mercury in Moon’s Navamsha. Jupiter is my vargottamma as it remains in Leo. Venus: Venus indicates love, luxury, comfort, money, strength, and relationships. Stone was recommended due to navamsa position of Mercury in pisces). Affliction of Mercury in D9 chart bring harshness in behavior and nature. Daily; Weekly; Monthly; Yearly. Voila, Lee Miller, the Taurus Surrealist Photographer turned war journalist. Moon in 12th is in its own sign and is aspected by Jupiter in Pisces. Postulate 3: Saturn’s aspects to exalted Venus, adds conformity to the whole deal of discord or denial. March 2015 Prediction For Each Moon Sign Jun 21, 2018 · Currently running my Rahu-Mercury period. Pisces is located on the opposite side of the sign of Virgo, where Mercury is in domicile. The other sign where the planet is also in detriment is Sagittarius. Sun in infancy in Aries when Vargottama is extremely powerful, I will not call it weak. Meena Rasi (Pisces Sign) dates and results of Sadesathi and Ardashtama and Astama Shani Starting and ending dates of Sadesathi, Astama shani and ardhastama shani For Meena Rashi people, Saturn is lord of eleventh and twelfth houses. mercury is 7th lord from both venus and jupiter and is almost 24 degrees with ketu ad hemmed between malefics. They are warm and caring which other people notice in their dialogue and mannerisms. In this chart Venus is Vargottama hence doubly exalted. Mercury’s position is not clear. A strong Saturn in the 11th House would make a person enjoy comforts of all kinds. When in Saturn Navamsa indicates meanness, one is liar, cheat and of vice deeds. Hence the term vargottama specifically applies to the D1 & D9 and thus implying the J3 as well. the Atmakaraka and the lord of the Lagna: are also the significators Mercury in Pisces is compassionate and visionary. Dec 15, 2011 · Atmakaraka is Mercury and vargottama. He got married on 12 September 1953, in major and sub period of Rahu-Mercury. Venus becomes Vargottama (of the highest quality) when it falls on the same When Mercury is placed in the sign of Pisces it means communication from  18 Aug 2014 Hence the term vargottama specifically applies to the D1 & D9 and thus Being in the 6th from Ārūḍha Lagna and weak with Mercury, this will  23 Nov 2016 PISCES: Planets in 00° 00″ to 3° 20″ and 06° 40″ to 10° 00″ will in where Ketu is in PUSHKAR NAVAMSHA and Mercury is vargottama. The fourth pada falls on the Pisces Navamsa which is ruled by Jupiter. Rahul Gandhi is born with Libra Ascendant. Thus, the ruling planet of a sign is called the dispositor for a planet visiting the ruling planet's sign. He graduated from Chaote in 1935. These are 29 degrees Pisces to 0 degrees Aries, 29 degrees Scorpio to 0 degrees Sagittarius, and 29 degrees Cancer to 0 degrees Leo. Debilitation can be a problem and Mercury in Pisces generally means intellect is used for wrong deeds. Oct 22, 2017 · Men with Mercury in Pisces are good listeners. so the bad influence would be reduced…. Apr 04, 2016 · Gandanta points are transitions between water and fire signs in Vedic astrology. you dont trust your wife`s character--and may be you have some solid reasons but your own position is also not fair. While Mercury is debilitated in Pisces, this position is still considered average since the planets involved are benefic in nature. Jun 21, 2018 · Currently running my Rahu-Mercury period. They will be very good at the art of speaking. Aries communicators get impatient with Cancer’s slowness and indirect communication, while Libra communicators wonder why Cancer always seems to personalize what they say to the point of appearing like they have funnel vision. Venus is in it’s Mooltrikona 6th house of Libra. For ex: If a native has Scorpio ascendant and Virgo ascendant is in Navamsa… then though mars and mercury are enemies…. Mercury in Sun’s Navamsha. 13. The Piscean influence however, makes it hard to tell exactly when he is in the mood to chat. This Sun is strong, maybe just a little immature! This Sun is strong, maybe just a little immature! Gandanta points are purely a mathematical artifact of choosing where the constellation and nakshatra boundaries fall. A lot is contained in their mind, words unsaid, feelings, thoughts, and emotions. If your Mercury is in Aries or Libra, you may find some of your conversations with Mercury in Cancer natives are frustrating. Vargottama is important in Vedic Astrology - when planets are in the same sign However Mercury retrograde and Mars Ketu conjunction can bring a blip to it's for Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces and generally brings a positive mood. A chart with 2 or more such grahas is very strong. These points are at the junctions of Pisces (Revati)- Aries (Ashwini), Cancer (Ashesha)- Leo (Magha), Scorpio (Jyeshta)- Sagittarius (Mula). Mercury Retrograde in Pisces When the planet Mercury goes retrograde, it appears, from our view here on Earth, to be moving backward through the sky. 19º Aquarius (Pisces Navamsha- Rahu Nakshatra) Above three are in Air signs 8º Cancer (Virgo Navamsha) 11º Scorpio (Libra Navamsha), 9º Pisces (Virgo Navamsha) Above three are in Saturn Nakshatras and Water signs Note: Pushkara Bhagas are not found in Ketu, Mars and Mercury Nakshatras Uses of Pushkara Navamsha and Pushkara Bhaga The planet which gets exalted in the sign where the debilitated planet is placed in kendra from the Ascendant or the Moon. If Mercury is Vargottama then the person speaks very well – good learner and teacher. Also, If I understand your comments above correctly, Sun being Vargottama (in 11H  Vargottamsha vargottama same rashi in multiple varga * BP Lama Jyotishavidya. The predictive astrology is based on three main pillars, namely, 1. Nov 13, 2014 · Venus in the 8th house individual has something of the mystique around their sexuality and attractiveness, and these seductive qualities, which are not always obvious, represent a smoldering love n… Dec 21, 2013 · Planets become Vargottama in following cases: Movable signs (Aries, Cancer, Libra and Capricorn) and in first Navamsha (0°- 3°20′) Fixed signs (Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius) and in 5 th Navamsha (13°20′ – 16°40′) Dual signs (Gemini, Virgo, Sagittarius and Pisces) and in last Navamsha (26°40 -30°) Timing of Marriage Vargottama ascendant, the Moon or the planets are to be given A-1 rank. When Mercury is placed in the sign of Pisces it means communication from behind the scenes as Mercury is communication. Again, when the rising Navamsa is a Vargottama and benefics occupy the 2nd house from the Moon, and the kendra houses are not void, kings are born. Then, the Moon occupying its exalted navamsa will be in a trikona-bhava from a The lord of the Ascendant is: (1) a Vargottama, or (2) in exalted Navamsa; or (3) in own or a friend 's Drekka na; or (4) in a benefic Navamsa; or (S) is aspected by a benefic planet; or (6) is associated with a benefic planet; - the native remains happy till the end of his life. Planets here give good results if one works towards one’s goals through involving other people. You like to stick to conventional methods. Vargottama is a unique concept and any planet in vargottama are auspicious and bestows some type of unique ability to the person. In Pisces navamsha and no. 2020 and joins Ketu and Sun. 2020 in the constellation Rohini (2nd pada). Dear All, If I am right then the word vargottama means that whenever a jupiter in leo, ketu in libra, mercury in pisces, sun and rahu in aries. Feb 10, 2015 · Eg: If in a Leo rising chart, Mercury were in 7˚ Taurus in the rasi chart, and thus in Pisces Pushkara Navamsa, its affect would become nil as Piscesis the 8th house ofthe Rasi chart. The planets in the Kendras, Panapharas, and Apoklimas from the Atmakaraka : have declining strength. With Rahu, however, the rule works slightly differently. In natal chart Lagna scorpio having saturn. It merely suggests that the mind resists the rule of pure logic and refuses to be pinned down to hard facts. Vargottama venus or planet is in same sign in birth chart as well as navamsha is very good , if that planet is placed in 7th house or aspect or 7th lord is vargottama then it indicates very good for marriage life although you’ve to see other planetary details then judge. Pratyantara Ketu is vargottama and joins Jupiter in navamsha. Transiting Rahu is conjunct natal Ketu in Virgo and transiting Ketu is conjunct natal Rahu in Pisces. in the Lagna chart along with the Moon and Jupiter for a Pisces ascendant? 8 Aug 2019 If your Mercury is well placed, then you will display a sharp intellect. Yogakaraka Venus debilitated in Virgo sign in Lagna chart, is in Taurus (own) Navamsa and Pushkar Navamsa. While Mercury in Capricorn people are grounded and realistic, those born with Mercury in Aquarius tend to brag a lot and fly too close to the Sun due to the airy quality. 30. Mercury in Ninth House as per Vedic Astrology Know result of planet Mercury in 9th House Mercury in 9th House according to Saravali: If Mercury occupies the 9th, the native will be very affluent, scholarly, of good conduct/habits, be eloquent in speech, skillful of a great order and be virtuous. Aug 01, 2019 · Pisces - Movable - Water - Uthara Bhadra-2 - 23°20'-26°40' Note: You would observe 12 Vargottama and 24 Pushkara Navamsa but within this you would find 3 divisions overlapping with each other and these are very powerful and auspicious as they happen to be both Vargottama and in Pushkara Navamsa. Saturn has overtaken Pluto now - he is moving ahead. Nov 05, 2015 · Karkamasha Lagna in Aries with sun and Rahu, AK Jupiter in 11th house, and AMK Mars in 9th house, Venus in 2nd Saturn in 8th,mercury in 12th,moon in 6th,ketu in 7th house in karkamsha. 1. And if Mercury conjoin with Sun it makes Budha Aditya Yoga which means person is intelligent And they get intelligent partner. The sun is exalted in navamsa andercury is vargottama. Nov 15, 2014 · Vargottama : The special destiny when a planet is in the same sign in the birth chart and Navamsha chart Posted on November 15, 2014 by starwheel Vargottama is the state of a planet when it is in the same sign in your Vedic birth chart as in your Navamsha soul/marriage chart. In fact, on July 13, 2015 Uranus in Pisces in transit will be square transit Sun in Gemini along with Mars and Mercury tightly conjunct with each other. I am a virgo ascendant with 3 vargottama planets – moon(in gemini), Venus (retrograde in Sagittarius) and Mercury (in Capricorn). Along with exaltation and debilitation , Vargottama is one concept which must be analysed to understand the results a planet will give i Oct 10, 2015 · Mercury Vargottama: Vargottama Mercury, Mercury is Vargottama then the person speaks very well – good learner and teacher. (The feeling is mutual, by the way). Mar 28, 2018 · If the planet Mercury is debilitated in the Pisces and have associated with evil planets, then you will suffer a lot during the Mahadasha of Mercury. (Venus is in Pisces in Navamsha). For Mercury in Pisces, this means taking the necessary steps to ensure everyone is comfortable with the outcome. ♦ If Venus aspects Saturn in the 2nd house then the native’s speech will be very polished. Ancient texts say that three or four benefics, aspecting Vargottama ascendant or the Moon, make such a native king, or now-a-days equal to king with privilege and power to rule the country. Mercury will move to Aries on 12th April. VENUS: Venus indicates love, luxury, comfort, money, strength, and relationships. Going by Jaimini Sutra, "If Karakamsa happens to be Aries or Sagittarius with a benefic in it, the native will attain moksha", and assuming that isolated Mercury in Navamsa is a benefic, moksha can be deduced from the horoscope. If Moon is Vargottama then person is compassionate, kind, impartial attitude, good memory ,good imagination power . This pada promotes physical prowess, short travels, courage and philanthropy. And posited in benefic shastyamsha. Nakshatra Vargottama and Pushkara Padas, and thier geometric orientation and expression in the Pisces-Aries cusp: water-fire Vargottama padas The Mercury, Mars, and South Node (Ketu) Nakshatras do not have Pushkara padas. ( A lot of astrologers simply look at the Avastha of a planet and deem it weak. When the Sun and Mercury are both in Pisces, the mind is more inspired, but it is also edged with a certain flightiness unless the ability to concentrate is shown elsewhere in the chart. Oct 11, 2014 · in d9 chart my lagna is leo sun in leo . These points are associated with a lack of boundaries, specifically the boundary from the earthly to spiritual realm. There tends to be power, trust, psychological issues and something hidden in the family background. Yes, the attack meaned a waste of resources and money. Mercury and Mercury Signs in the Birth Chart Mercury Signs: learn about Mercury in the Birth chart. Constant contradictions are also involved between spiritual and material values here, with material realms prevailing more. 4 th Pada 6° 40′ – 10° 00′ Capricorn falls in Pisces Navamsa ruled by Jupiter. Thanks. This is a rather impractical placement to have in a natal chart, as Mercury is severely obstructed in his manifestation. He had Mercury, Venus, Sun and Saturn in the 10th house of Pisces, which enabled to him to think through his mathematical problems through imagination and creativity. What is impact of Mars + Mercury (exalted) + Venus (debilitated) in 10th house for Sagittarius. Rahu is aspected by debilitated Saturn in Aries with cancellation of debilitation occuring due to four factors viz. 21 Jan 2019 Example, Mercury Exalted in Virgo 15°, would otherwise mean . The Pisces in Mercury means you think with your heart, not your head, so that can mean you are easily influenced by others. These days there are so few people who have truly mastered Vedic Astrology and I truly believe that Sankarji has, it has been really privilege that Sankarji is always there for us when we need his help desperately to guide in any areas of life… If the query ascendant or navamsa Lagna happens to be Taurus, Leo, Scorpio or Aquarius or if the Lagna is Vargottama, the theft would have been committed by one of the relatives. Navamsa Mercury in 7th house can give Lack of physical pleasure from spouse as Mercury is a eunuch planet. Case Study 5: Postulate 1: He filed for divorce from Sherri in June 2009. Mercury, the lord of the twelfth, is in the second. Mercury may not be in Taurus, it must have been in 9th house itself, along with Venus. If the Sun and Rahu are in the second from Atmakaraka in Navamsha, the native dies by snake-bite. venus is vargottama/sun The first dasa-bhukti is Mercury-Rahu. Positive Traits of the Mercury in Pisces Mercury is called the planet of communication, knowledge, logic, and decision-making skills. His Mercury receives a neecha banga by being in kendra, sitting with exalted Venus while in the most powerful kendra house 10th house. Jupiter also aspects neechabhanga Venus in 2nd house in a friendly sign. Calculate and read your Sign or choose to read all 12 Mercury Signs. Jupiter in 6th ( In Pushkara Navamsa in D9 in 12th along with Venus) , Sun in own house in 9th, Rahu in 11th. Vargottama planets wield supreme power, especially the lords of Kendra and trikona, if they are posited in either Kendra or trikona; this takes the person to the seat of power in the country. 6) Mercury in a Kendra or trikona aspected by 9th lord is Raja Yoga 7) Saturn is in Aquarius and four planets in their exaltation. Mar 17, 2019 · Phala Deepika indicates that a vargottama graha’s strength is equivalent to that of the graha in its own sign. D-1 it is in 3rd house and D-9 it is in 7th house. Mercury in Pisces is compassionate and visionary. Overall, Mercury will be impacted most by the condition and position of Jupiter in Horoscope as Jupiter is lord of Pisces. Jul 11, 2018 · Leo lagna in shubhkartari yoga, with moon in 12th and Venus in 2nd house, makes it strong. Hence, success will be a distant dream. Vargottama ascendant, the Moon or the planets are to be given A-1 rank. After medical disqualification by army due to his lower back problem, he was accepted in Navy in September 1941. Mercury in the Moon’s navamsha makes the native healthy, attractive, generous, respected by friends and noble persons, famous and victorious. If the Sun be in Capricorn, the native will suffer from heart disease. Again in Jupiter dasha Mercury antardasha Saturn Pratyantara (9 April 1940) Germany invaded and took over Denmark in two hours! The planets involved are again Mercury and Saturn and Germany enforced ‘economic cooperation’ on Denmark leading to Iceland breaking ties with Denmark and becoming an independent republic. Identifying grahas that would be vargottama is easy to do from the Rasi (D-1) chart itself. The Venusian qualities will be bright if Venus is well placed. Some of them come across in an almost poetic way. Although Mercury is in detriment in Pisces, this position does not impair intelligence. Aries; Taurus; Gemini; Cancer; Leo; Virgo; Libra; Scorpio; Sagittarius; Capricorn; Aquarius; Pisces . This is the position of the zodiac where the where the solar and lunar Zodiac meet. Technically, Atmakaraka is a planet that is in the highest degree, no matter what sign, in the sidereal zodiac. Yet, in Pisces, Mercury is also in fall. All these five planets and rising lagna in pushkar navamsa made an ordinary individual very wealthy and famous. When a person has his natal Mercury in Pisces, it is considered in detriment and thus at its lowest potency. The third pada falls on the Gemini Navamsa which is ruled by Mercury. e. Nov 26, 2006 · Although Pisces is a debilitation sign for Mercury, it is getting a neechabhanga rajayoga by multiple means. Mercury in the fiery and airy signs give sharp intellect with a flair for figures and mathematics. Mar 30, 2012 · Pisces – None; As can be seen from the above list, a yogakaraka planet has lordship of both a Kendra and a Trikona house in 50% of the rising signs while in the other half of the signs there is no one planet able to become a yogakaraka. Venus is exalted in Navamsa and is in Pushkara Navamsa. The “best place” is to be in the same sign in the navamsha as the planet is in in the normal zodiac – you got that correct. He will, however, suffer from boils in the body. The Concept of Vargottama is a very important and powerful tool in predictive Astrology. Libra Rising boys tend toward being over the top cute and flirtatious. Mercury in Aries. They will do well in literary  If your Venus is in Pisces sign (Exalted Venus) it means you are a divine personality. On that day transiting Jupiter was 18 degrees Capricorn and transiting Rahu was 4 degrees Virgo they are casting a trine to each other from the earth signs. Only one of these eight can be the Atmakaraka: the Sun, the Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn or Rahu (aka the North, or Ascending, Moon’s Node in Western astrology). It stands for imagination, science and mental activities. Venus and Saturn are the enemy of Sun, if Sun conjunct or aspected by Venus or Saturn then spouse will create frustration in life. Even when Mercury is on one of your signs, communication will be difficult between the two of you. Mar 18, 2015 · In general Venus in Pisces is regarded as a good placement, so it should mean that whoever has Venus exalted in Pisces should have great conjugal life but observations shows to the contrary. 1 in shadbala. As Vidya-Karak its strength in the chart is the primary determinant factor. A planet or the ascendant being in Vargottama obtains much potence to be favourable. Incidentally, going by the natal chart position of Uranus in some of the political leaders in India who matter at this point in time, does not sound good Astrologically and, are extremely prone to sudden and most unexpected developments. 23. Postulate 3: Saturn in 11th house is aspecting Venus. This is quite an extraordinary chart and probably that is the main reason why researchers have not even begun to try putting a date on it. In case of same sign in D1 and D9 you will also find the planet occupying the same sign in Jagannātha Drekkana (J3) ALWAYS. Uttamāmśa arises when a planet is strong in 3 vargas. Taking your time as perfect, Mercury is in 7th house along with Mars (retro). The debilitated planet is exalted in Navamsha. Jan 13, 2020 · Reflections: Venus in Pisces, Mercury in Aquarius Good to see the Sun connecting first with PLUTO and then Saturn today. 2 Jul 2018 Astrological analysis of Mercury-Ketu conjunction and its dashas in a horoscope. Jul 30, 2011 · Atmakaraka in your chart is Mercury, Mercury is retrograde, hence it shows very strong desires pending from past births. ) Mercury will transit in its debilitated Sign of Pisces on 28th March. It is dualist planet and female. MERCURY IN NAVAMSA CHART - Exalted/vargottams Mercury or placed in friendly sign in D9, the native intelligent prosperous. Postulate 2: Jupiter as 2nd lord is aspecting Venus and Lagna lord Mars. Nov 15, 2014 · If Mars is vargottama, Mars will function better, unless Mars is placed in Cancer, which is the sign of Mars’ fall, in which case the problems are highlighted. In Aquarius, Mercury in Pisces adds imagination and creativity to invention, in Aries, Mercury in Pisces adds empathy and intuition, softening the Warrior somewhat. 27. Mercury in Aquarius Aquarius is a fixed air sign, also ruled by Saturn. He is in Sagittarius aspected by none. Natal Mercury in the 4th House With your natal Mercury in the 4th house, you can have a hard time being open to new ideas, thoughts, projects, or ways of doing things. Jul 09, 2013 · According to Vedic astrology, John F. These susceptible souls often suffer emotionally as a result of their thin-skinned impressionability. The first The planets Mars, Mercury, Jupiter, Venus, Saturn rule Fire, Earth, Ether, Water and Air. At best, they could make a great friend for you. ( example, debilitated Mercury placed in 4th pada of Revati nakshatra which will make Mercury Vargottama in the horoscope as it will be placed in Aug 18, 2019 · ♦ If Mercury aspect Saturn in the 2nd house, then it can make the native very clever & cunning while talking. Lagna is Vargottama. Mercury is lord of the twelfth (loss) and third (energy and courage). The first navamsha (1) begins in Aries with Aries Navamsha, it is vargottama and the last navamsha (108) ends with Pisces in the Sign of Pisces – also Vargottama. As an example, injured planet Mercury located in the fourth pada of the Revati Nakshatra which will lead the planet Mercury Vargottoma in the rashi as it is located in the Pisces in the natal’s birth chart along with the Navamsaha chart. Aug 11, 2017 · Saturn is also vargottama and gets the conjunction of benefic Jupiter, who, although debilitated in Capricorn, has his debilitation cancelled on two counts: his conjunction with the dispositor, Saturn, and his position in Pisces in the navamsa (D9) chart. 8) 4th lord in 10th and10th lord in 4th house. Aug 30, 2010 · Vargottama – The Best Spot. Vargottama mercury makes one highly intelligent while weak Mercury or its placement in 12th house of in its sign of debilitation robs one on attaining highly intellectual level. Vargottama means “the best place in the set” – where “the set” is talking about the amsha divisions, specifically in this case about the most important amsha, the navamsha. Vargottama is explained thus – a planet or a specially calculated degree getting the same Navamsa position as it gets in Rasi. If the Sun be in Cancer, the native will be knowledgeable. Of the planets, the Sun, Mercury and Jupiter are likewise unable to become a yogakaraka. Mar 01, 2019 · MERCURY: Mercury indicates communication, technology, media and intelligence. Moon will be in Vargottama, while a penumbral Lunar eclipse will occur. What type of ability the person may get will depend upon, which planet it is and which houses that planet owns in the birth chart. Therefore, the things Mercury rules -- communication, travel, details -- all start to get a little messy during Mercury Retrograde. but if Jupiter happens to be in Navamsa lagan then since Jupiter is the freind of mars …. Dec 17, 2012 · With Venus in Pisces when Jupiter also establishes a connection with either Venus or ascendant or 2nd house chaotic situation is created in Marriage or it is totally denied. Your thoughts are original and filled with enthusiasm and great energy. Gemini is an agile, versatile and quick sign, which describe her athletic ability. Yogakarka Mars and Mercury are in 2nd from Moon forming a powerful Sunfa yoga. If the lord of 7th house be in Navamsa owned by Mercury and also be aspected by the same planet, the wife of the person concerned will behave like a courtesan. Eg: If in a Leo rising chart, Mercury were in 7˚ Taurus in the rasi chart, and thus in Pisces Pushkara Navamsa, its affect would become nil as Piscesis the 8th house ofthe Rasi chart. Gandanta is the junction points in the zodiac that a particularly connected with times of soul growth. Mars and Mars Signs in the Birth Chart Read all about Mars and Mars Signs in the Birth Chart and then calculate and read your Mars Sign. A person with Rahu in the 11th House enjoys a long and a prosperous life. When the Atmakaraka is in Pisces Navamsha, the native will do righteous things and will attain final liberation or emancipation (Moksha). Overall, Mercury in Capricorn can change so many things about your life, but you need to be willing to embrace a new way of looking at things for it to all make sense to you. And if this wasn't enough Mercury is also Vargottama, meaning it stays in Gemini in the Navamsha chart (9th divisional chart), which further strengthens Mercury. It must be giving serious issues in relationships, marriage and connectivity with new people. The approach to the great conjunction between Saturn and Jupiter will start, as Jupiter will move closer to Saturn daily. If the Sun be in Pisces, the native will be subservient to women. Aries people are also distracted, or have ideas and don't finish the projects. Ascendant lord Mercury in Pisces is affected by both planets, and situated in Saturn’s nakshatra, Uttara Bhadra. Sep 12, 2014 · Mercury is in Pushkara navamsha. Houses. Spouse will look younger than his or her age. If at the time of birth the Moon situated in a trikona-bhava (trine) is in the 8th navamsa of Aquarius, Mars occupies the 7th navamsa of Aries and Mercury is in the 21st vimsamsa of Gemini, a king is born. Apr 08, 2016 · Mercury, the planet ruling Gemini Rasi and Gemini Navamsa has a dual influence on Rahu. [(7 th lord In Eleventh House: – Wealthy, little comfort from children, many daughters. For example, debilitated Mercury placed in 2 nd pada of Uttarabhadrapada nakshatra, which means that Mercury is placed in Pisces in birth chart and it is placed in Virgo in Navamsha chart. Jul 14, 2015 · Yes, you know you are dealing with a bona fide Libra Rising, when they look like they could be modeled off a statue in a temple. Final Thoughts Capricorns can be moody and domineering, even without the forceful Mercury in play. In Navamsa (Gemini Ascendant), I have these planets in the same houses if we are to look from moon based on natal chart Aug 08, 2019 · Mercury: Mercury indicates communication, technology, media, and intelligence. Thus, the Sun is Mercury's dispositor. The Ketu is Vargottama in the sign of Venus. With Gemini Ascendant, the intermingling of Jupiter and Saturn as both karakas for Dharma and Karma , and natural 9 th and 10 th house lords – makes this an inevitably powerful combination for career, status, and recognition for one’s achievement in career. It is in Pushkar Navamsa. Pushkar bhags : Specific Pushkara degrees (Pushkara bhagas) in the different signs are highly auspicious, and should be used in Prashna charts and particularly Dec 17, 2012 · Postulate 1: Venus as 7th lord is in Pisces. vargottama mercury in pisces